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As a tarot reader, I understand that difficult or sensitive topics may arise during a reading as we are looking into a mirror of the soul. My utmost priority is to create a safe and supportive space where my clients feel comfortable sharing their concerns. I handle such topics with a deep sense of responsibility, ensuring that my clients receive the guidance they seek with compassion, grace, and utmost respect. If the message comes through the cards, I deliver it to my clients with love and sensitivity. I understand the weight and significance of the information shared, and it is treated with reverence and non-judgment.

Maintaining the confidentiality of my clients is a foundational principle in my work. I assure my clients that their personal and sensitive information shared during the reading remains strictly confidential. I hold their trust with the utmost respect, and their privacy is protected at all times. I never share details or discussions from a reading with others.

Creating a supportive environment is essential to ensure that my clients feel seen, heard, and understood throughout the entire process. I strive to foster a sense of trust, allowing them to openly express their concerns and emotions. I encourage an open dialogue, providing a compassionate space for them to share their thoughts, ask questions, and seek clarity.

My intention is to empower my clients and provide them with insights that can guide them through difficult situations. I offer guidance and suggestions for navigating challenging topics, always reminding them that they have the power to make their own choices and decisions.

About Mary

Since my early years, the occult and mysticism have captivated my soul. At 14, I purchased my first mesmerizing set of oracle cards that awakened an insatiable curiosity within me. Immersed in their intricate symbolism, I felt an indescribable connection and an urge to explore the profound depths they held. I have always been highly intuitive, empathic, and psychic and the cards seemed to read my soul.

Over time, the universe seemed to conspire in my favor, presenting me with various gifted decks from friends and clients. Each encounter felt like destiny, as if these cards were destined to be a part of my life's purpose. They became my guiding companions, allowing me to access the secrets of the cosmos and unravel the complexities of human existence.

With each reading, I delved deeper into the intricate web woven by the cards. I honed my interpretive skills, nurtured my intuition, natural gifts as a channel and clairvoyant, and expanded my knowledge of esoteric realms. At this point I have done so many readings, I can't keep track with a number.

Today, I stand as a master tarot reader—a beacon of light amid uncertainty. My path is one of destiny, passion, and unwavering commitment. Through tarot, I offer clarity and insight, inviting others on a profound voyage of self-discovery. Each reading is an opportunity to explore inner realms, connect with universal forces, and embrace our true potential.

In a world filled with questions, tarot serves as a timeless tool—a mirror reflecting our souls' depths and a compass guiding us towards purpose. As a master tarot reader, my mission is not just a vocation but a sacred duty—to bring solace, empowerment, and enlightenment to those seeking guidance.


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ONLINE Readings:

15 Minute Calls or Voice Memo Recording- $60

30 Minute Calls- $111

45 Minute Calls- $144

1 Hour Calls- $188

**Please read terms prior to booking.

For those seeking convenience and flexibility, I offer online readings conducted through calls or voice memo recordings. These options cater to different needs, whether you're seeking a brief session or a more in-depth exploration. Voice memo readings are especially popular for general readings or as heartfelt gifts, as they do not require scheduling and can provide accurate insights without your physical presence.

In-Person Readings- 30 minutes or longer

Same prices as above and dependent upon Mary's location

Being in the direct energy of the cards and reader is a powerfully healing experience. This option is great for those who prefer being physically present during the reading.


1 Hour Corporate/Business Readings- $500

Did you know that even the most successful corporations seek guidance from intuitive readers to propel their businesses forward? This exclusive service offers you the chance to gain invaluable clarity into your company's projections. Discover the intentions of potential partners, uncover insights about new hires and current employees, and receive guidance on important business decisions. Harness the power of intuitive wisdom to determine the optimal direction for your business's success.

Corporate Quarterly Reading- $1750

For corporations committed to long-term growth and strategic planning, the Corporate Quarterly Reading is an ideal choice. This comprehensive service offers profound insights into the upcoming quarters, allowing you to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and make informed decisions. Embrace the wisdom of the tarot to elevate your corporate strategy and enhance your company's trajectory.



Want to book for a special event?

In addition to my services, I offer captivating events that deepen your connection to the mystical world of tarot. Hire me to provide readings at your special events, such as bridal showers, birthday parties, corporate gatherings, and more. Create a unique and enchanting experience for your guests as they receive personalized tarot insights.

Give the Gift of Tarot:

All of my offerings can be beautifully gifted to others. If you choose to share the transformative power of tarot with a loved one, simply send me an email with the recipient's name and contact information. It's a meaningful gesture that can bring clarity, inspiration, and guidance to those dear to you.


"I'm in tears. Thank you so much Mary. It's like you went inside my soul and brain and explained everything going on with me. I have been STRUGGLING so much just from being OVERWHELMED with everything going on. I had gone into deep depression locking myself up for days in a room hiding. I would love to meet in person soon, because you've no idea how much this helped me understand what is going on with me."


"WOW! This was so poignant for how much muck I am going through. I'm taking the suggestions and going to sit with myself as much as I can. I have had a ton of fear of making the wrong decision and I know I need to trust the universe is on my side, which I have been feeling more and more of recently. Thank you so much you have a truly POWERFUL and AMAZING gift and I'm so grateful to have been connected with you!"


"You have left me SPEECHLESS! thank you for being a bold and spiritual messanger, I felt every word was properly directed towards me! Thank you for the confirmation and good praise to keep doing what my soul is wanting me to do! Very impressed and beaming with gratitude!"


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